Night Slash replied

183 weeks ago

Hello fellow fc members. These past few days, I've been thinking about helping members get through primals and coils so that we could progress together as an fc. So what I suggest, is that we help as many members as we can that are struggling with primals. Especially the EX Primals which can be a daunting task for some of us. Now of course, it doesn't have to be mandatory whenever someone asks for help, but try to help whenever you're available and someone is in need of help clearing a primal. Now, this leads me to talk about the Coils of Bahamut. Some of us in the fc have already successfully downed the first coil of bahamut which is great news for us! I'm also noticing that a few members are hitting 50 already, and would like to try the first five turns ( T1-T5) I assume from the Coils of Bahamut. In my opinion, I believe we have enough members to maybe create two static groups. One for the first coil, and the other for the rest of the members who are currently at the second coil of bahamut (T6-T9). I would encourage that at least one or two of us who are already experienced with the first coils,to be willing to help out with the first static group and guide them through the first few turns. In turn we'll experience new friendships and have fun together! So I would appreciate if anyone would leave a feedback and see what you think about this. Raid Times and Availability can be seen on a separate thread made by Kriigat. So I really hope we can make this possible and advance together as an fc =).
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