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188 weeks ago

Hey guys, first of all welcome to The Moogle Conspiracy and thanks for signing up to the forum. We'd like to keep this forum active to help general organisation of the free company activities, from raiding and helping players through content, to FC events and general getting to know each other.

It's our priority to make sure our players feel the most comfortable and happy, so here are some bits to get you properly involved in our FC.

1. Static Raid Groups

We have a fair number of groups growing now for end game content, these are static 8 man groups that keep an agreed schedule of when to attempt things like the Coil raids.

We are currently in need of volunteers to step up and lead their own coil group. There is constant talk and interest in game and on the forums from players seeking a static group, but it takes only one person to rise and actually put that group together with a fitting schedule for everyone.

If you are interested in joining or forming a static raid group, check out the Raiders Forum over at:

2. TeamSpeak Voice Chat

No matter the content, we always use voice chat to ensure optimal performance between players. It helps tenfold over using the chat log, especially in those moments where quick reaction times are required. We're a friendly bunch of guys and gals, but if you'd prefer not to speak, you should at least listen in.

The details are:

Password: None

PC download HERE
For ps3/4 users that have been using a phone/tablet app you can download the app for only a couple dollars here:
Android phones

If you need help setting this up, please ask a member in the FC who will be more than happy to help.

3. General Help Between FC Members

The Moogle Conspiracy are great for assisting each other through content. There have lately been an increasing number of players who jump straight into help requested by fellow FC members.

We'd like to ask new players to help keep this trend flowing in any way you can, including primal fights, relic weapon assists, FC bank contributions, crafting and gathering for fellow players, and participating socially in FC chat and various events.

Being in a static coil group doesn't take away from this. Each member has been lending even the smallest hand here and there, which has in turn created the friendly community we have now.

4.The Moogle Conspiracy Ranking System

Leading on from the previous point, the FC has it's own built in ranking system. The more a player helps the FC in the various possible ways, the higher their ranking will be.

You can find more info about the ranking system at:
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