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188 weeks ago

The process can be daunting to some, so here's how to start posting on the forums:

1. Create a Guildwork account here. Please be sure to use your character's name when signing up. Also click the link to link your character to the website.


2. Once created, make sure you're logged in at the top right of this website/forum. If you are logged in, you'll see your username. That's phase 1 complete.

3. Next, apply to The Moogle Conspiracy. Click on recruitment at the top of the page, or go here - http://themoogleconspiracyexodus.guildwork.com/recruitment

4. An officer will accept your request and move you into the correct user group to access the entire forums. If the process takes too long for whatever reason, please make a post here after you have completed all above requirements - http://themoogleconspiracyexodus.guildwork.com/forum/threads/55236443002aa81f266f9a23-post-here-if-you-need-forum-permissions

5. That's it! This thread is a good place to start as any -

Thanks for joining the FC and have fun!

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